Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2007/08/21、神戸元町 三宮神社の境内、神社の正面と背面にデジタル掛け軸のライトアップがされました。





Akira Hasegawa's D-K Live Art Installation on Sannomiya Shrine, Motomachi,Kobe on 21st August 2007

After his installation on Monday, 20th of August 2007 at Hyogo Prefectural Hall, Akira Hasegawa did perform his Digital Kakejiku (D-K) art at one of the oldest Shintoism Shrine, Sannomiya Shrine located in the downtown of Kobe Harbour city.

[Picture: Sannomiya Shrine, 2-4 Sannomiya-machi,Chuo-ku, Kobe city]

The d-k light projection was executed on both front and rear surface of the shrine. As I was walking down the road to the shrine from north to the south after I had arrived the JR Motomachi station, I found very quickly the lights of d-k projected on the rear surface of the shrine.




The Shrine is located in the very middle of Motomachi are, the downtown of Kobe Hourbour city.This oldeste Shrine, Sannomiya is one of the eight branch shrines of the famous IKUTA Shrine in Sannomiya town. The Sannomiya shrine is contributed to the
naval pilot's fortune and for the marchands success, the god for ocean's trip and commerce.


As I have fishined taking photographs of the rear surfaces of the shirine, I have moved to the front side of it.



It was standing alone looking dazed in front of the shrine, the transient pictures of d-k really had been fascinated me. I lost my mind and I have no words to talk with anybody there. Then I started again to take pictures and videos.






Al the audiennce were amazed in front of d-k live performance and they were quite inspired of the changing surface of the shrine that they are all familiar with in the day light.

> From: Carolsspeed@aol.com
> Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 23:19:52 EDT
> Subject: Akira Hasegawa's D-K Live Art Installation on Hyogo Prefectural Hall Tonight

> Dear Ms. Yatabe,
> Media Artist, Akira Hasegawa's D-K Live art installation at 22 hrs. tonight and tomorrow on the Hyogo Prefectural Hall, the Kokan Building, in Kobe would give you a brilliant photo opportunity of a new phenomenon that incorporates art, science and the spiritual. He will use the sensitizing device he created and calls, Digital Kakejiku, to project slowly moving abstract images in vibrant colors and patterns onto the ornate government building. The awe inspiring installation, which has captured the imaginations of audiences around the world, is sponsored by 2007 Kobe Biennale to announce its prestigious art exhibition, October 6 to November 25. Hasegawa's D-K Live installation will light up the Kobe night and serve as the symbol of the Biennale throughout theart shows' run.
> Please contact:
> Akira Hasegawa aha@lilac.ocn.ne.jp
> 090-5680-4117 Cell
> Best regards,
> Carol Speed
> Shern, Thompson& Block P.R.
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