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d-k LIVE installation at Thunderbird Valley (Raichou-valley), Toyama
-digital kakejiku (d-k), created by Akira Hasegawa will be installed at a ski run on Tateyama Mountain foot in Toyama on 7th-8th evening (19:00- ).
100% reflections of d-k lights from snow silver screen make you amazed through silent and shivering evening on 1000 meter altitude.

デジタル掛軸が 富山県の立山山麓スキー場、らいちょうバレーゲレンデで上映されます。第一回「雪の祭典」のオープニングセレモニーの後、アーティスト長谷川章によるDK光のアートが標高差708メートル(1188−480メートル)のゲレンドに積もる白銀の銀幕を照らし出す。幻惑の静寂と厳寒のデジタル掛軸を呼吸ください。

送信者 d-k at Thunderbird Ski Run, Toyama (2009-02-07)

Hi Carol,
It starts snowing in Japan Sea side area of Japan, including Akira's base town, Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture. He's been making a long trip across Japan island for weeks.

On 7th-8th Feb., d-k wll be installed on the Tateyama Mountain foot covered of 5-10 meters of snow. This time a snow festival organized by Ohyama Tourism Office, Toyama city, will invite d-k as the opening ceremony for this amazing snow festival in the middle of Japan Northern Alpes. D-K will be installed over its ski run, called 'Raicho(Thunderbird)' Valley from projectors at the parking lot.

This time I must go there to observe this installation because I cannot imagine any scenes where d-k is being projected over a large, silver screen..... A ski run of altitude from 480-1188 metre. As the ski run surface of 100% powder snow reflects all lights of d-k towards my eyes, I guess I get surely 'dazed' with those images appeared there.

送信者 d-k at Thunderbird Ski Run, Toyama (2009-02-07)

I will make blog report right after I come back from the Thunderbird Ski Run in Toyama. Akira and me will stay at the Toyama Kokusai Hotel on 7th evening.

Please watch out actual developing d-k blogs that I have been editting during my pleasure time.

Have a good year in 2009.

Victor Yokono


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