Saturday, February 07, 2009

デジタル掛軸、雪上での初のインスタレーション、富山県立山山麓スキー場 (2009-02-07 土曜日)

First Time on Snow: Akira Hasegawa's, Digital Kakejiku, D-K Live at Thunderbird Valley

This morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m. in Osaka, and packed my bags to go to the Thunderbird Valley Ski Run on Tateyama Mountain. I'll take the JR West Train, the Thunderbird, from Kyoto to Toyama, then a Toyama local train to the station nearest to Thunderbird Valley---but I'm not going to ski. No, I'll be waiting for sunset, when Akira Hasegawa's Digital Kakejiku, D-K Live, brilliant, intensely-colored, abstract images that slowly move will be projected, this time, on cold, pristine, powdered snow. The reflection ratio of light on white, silvery snow is almost 99% (about the same as a mirror), so the bright lights and colors should really amaze my brain! I am wondering what kind of signals will be generated in my brain from seeing the kaleidoscopic D-K Live images projected directly on the snow this evening? I'm imagining how the crystalline whiteness of snow will transform the D-K Live images that I have experienced in so many other settings. Tonight my eyes will witness the magic of D-K Live, but this time, on snow.

送信者 d-k at Thunderbird Ski Run, Toyama (2009-02-07)

送信者 d-k at Thunderbird Ski Run, Toyama (2009-02-07)

送信者 d-k at Thunderbird Ski Run, Toyama (2009-02-07)

d-k at Thunderbird Ski Run, Toyama (2009-02-07)



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